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README: recommend borg over attic
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Obviously, there are many similar scripts, among which I have used
dirvish and rsnapshot before writing rdumpfs for keeping daily dumps.
-Currently I use rdumpfs and attic.
+Currently I use rdumpfs and borg.
* dirvish: Requires Perl with non-standard libraries. Cannot continue
partial backups. Complex configuration. No push backup.
@@ -78,13 +78,16 @@ Currently I use rdumpfs and attic.
* rsback: Requires Perl. No date-based directory naming.
* attic: Requires Python. Backups are not kept accessible in the
+ file system. Unmaintained.
+* borg: Requires Python. Backups are not kept accessible in the
file system. Else highly recommended.
== When not use rdumpfs?
-* You want encrypted backups (try attic, duplicity).
+* You want encrypted backups (try borg, duplicity).
* You need incremental backups on a higher granularity than files (try
- attic, bup, vac, dar).
+ borg, bup, vac, dar).
* Your target doesn't support hardlinks/SSH/rsync (try duplicity).
* You want automatic expiry (try dirvish).