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XTOOLS(1)                   General Commands Manual                  XTOOLS(1)

     xtools – A collection of small utilities for use with XBPS

        – Display build logs of last build

     xbuildbarf [arch]
        – Spy on current buildbot output

     xbulk [-n] [-k] [xbps-src flags] pkgs ...
        – simple XBPS bulk builder
          -n  dry-run mode
          -k  keep going on errors

     xbump pkgname [git commit options]
        – git commit a new package or package update

     xchangelog template | pkgname
        – open package changelog

     xcheckmypkgs [email]
        – check your packages for updates

     xcheckrestart [-v]
        – list programs using outdated libraries
          -v  verbose mode, also print the library names

     xchroot directory [command ...]
        – chroot into a Void (or other Linux) installation

        – detect file conflicts between XBPS packages

     xdbg pkgs ...
        – list debugging packages for pkgs and recursive dependencies

     xdiff [-u | -l] [basedir]
        – merge/diff/list XBPS .new-* files
          -l  list .new files
          -u  print unified diffs

        – figure out XBPS_DISTDIR

     xdowngrade pkgfiles.xbps ...
        – install XBPS package directly from .xbps file

        – show diff of /etc against binary packages

     xgensum [-f] [-c] [-i] [-H hostdir] templates ...
        – update SHA256 sum in templates
          -f  force (re-)download of distfiles
          -c  use content checksum
          -i  replace checksum in-place
          -H  absolute path to hostdir

     xgrep pattern pkgs ...
        – search files limited to XBPS package contents

        – list installed XBPS packages ordered by size

     xi pkgs ...
        – like ‘xbps-install -S’, but take cwd repo and sudo/su into account

     xilog [pattern]
        – list installed packages by install-date

     xlg pkg
        – open short commit log for XBPS template

     xlint template | pkgname | :pkgname | :
        – scan XBPS template for common mistakes
        - use ‘:pkgname’ to lint template as staged in the git index
        - use ‘:’ to lint all templates staged in the git index

     xlocate -g | -S | [-EFGPiw] pattern
        – locate files in all XBPS packages
          -g  Update a git based xlocate database, useful for local
          -S  Sync with the official git based xlocate database, which is
              recommended before using the tool
          -E | -F | -G | -P | -i | -w
              Modifies how pattern is matched. See git-grep(1) for more info

     xlog pkg
        – open commit log for XBPS template

     xls pkg ...
        – list files contained in pkg (including binpkgs)

     xmandoc manpage
        – read manpage of possibly not installed package

     xmksv [-l] [newsvdir ...]
        – create new runit service templates. Also creates log service if -l
        is passed.

     xmypkgs [email]
        – list all pkgs maintained by you

     xnew [-a] pkg [subpkgs ...]
        – create XBPS template
          -a  append subpkgs to existing pkg

     xnews [pattern]
        – list news messages for packages by install-date

        – list not installed -devel packages for installed packages

     xoptdiff [-q] [pkgs ...]
        – show template options which differ from binary package
          -q  quiet mode, show package names only

     xpcdeps pcfile ...
        – finds package matching the Requires: section of pkg-config files

     xpkg [-amOHDvV] [-r rootdir] [-R repo]
        – convenient package lister
          -a  list all packages (default: only installed)
          -m  list manual packages
          -O  list orphaned packages
          -H  list packages on hold
          -D  list installed packages not in repo
          -L  list installed packages not from remote repos
          -v  show version numbers
          -V  show version numbers and description
          -r rootdir
              specifies a full path for the target root directory
          -R repo
              consider only packages from repo

     xpkgdiff [-Sfrxt] [-a arch] [-R url] [-c file] [-p prop,...] pkg
        – compare a package in the repositories to the locally-built version
        - run from within a void-packages checkout
        - set DIFF to change the diff program used
          -S  compare package metadata
          -f  compare package file lists
          -r  reverse diff (compare local to remote)
          -x  compare package dependencies
          -t  compare the full package dependency tree.  Only used with -x
              (equivalent to xbps-query --fulldeptree -x)
          -a arch
              set architecture for comparison
          -R url
              set remote repository url
          -c file
              compare a file from the package (equivalent to xbps-query --cat)
          -p prop,...
              compare properties of the package

        – display tree view of xbps-src processes

     xq [-R] pkg ...
        – query information about XBPS package
          -R  query remote repos

     xrecent [repourl | arch]
        – list packages in repo ordered by build date

     xrevbump message templates ... [-- git commit options]
        – increase template revision and commit. Use ‘-’ to read templates
        from stdin.

     xrevshlib package
        – list packages shlib-dependent on package or its subpackages

     xrs pattern
        – like xbps-query -Rs, but take cwd repo into account

     xsrc pkg
        – list source files for XBPS template

     xsubpkg [-m] pkg
        – list all subpackages of a package
          -m  only print main package

        – display system info relevant for debugging Void

     xvoidstrap dir [packages]
        – bootstrap a new Void installation

     Tools working on the void-packages tree use xdistdir to find it, check
     that its output is reasonable first.

     xi, xls, xq and xrs prefer the hostdir / binpkgs repo if you run them
     from a void-packages checkout.

     xtools is in the public domain.

     To the extent possible under law, the creator of this work has waived all
     copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.


     All bugs should be reported to https://github.com/leahneukirchen/xtools

Void Linux                       June 25, 2019                      Void Linux