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authorjvoisin <julien.voisin@dustri.org>2021-12-13 21:05:19 +0100
committerRich Felker <dalias@aerifal.cx>2022-03-08 16:52:25 -0500
commit74a28a8af21977ebbc2945beb879f1b9b6ff13ba (patch)
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parent7c0c7a75ec8ecf3eedefc40bb4dae5aaa76d7108 (diff)
protect stack canary from leak via read-as-string by zeroing second byte
This reduces entropy of the canary from 64-bit to 56-bit in exchange for mitigating non-terminated C string overflows by setting the second byte of the canary to nul, so that off-by-one write overflow with a nul byte can still be detected. Idea from GrapheneOS bionic commit 7024d880b51f03a796ff8832f1298f2f1531fd7b
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diff --git a/src/env/__stack_chk_fail.c b/src/env/__stack_chk_fail.c
index bf5a280a..e5352602 100644
--- a/src/env/__stack_chk_fail.c
+++ b/src/env/__stack_chk_fail.c
@@ -9,6 +9,15 @@ void __init_ssp(void *entropy)
if (entropy) memcpy(&__stack_chk_guard, entropy, sizeof(uintptr_t));
else __stack_chk_guard = (uintptr_t)&__stack_chk_guard * 1103515245;
+#if UINTPTR_MAX >= 0xffffffffffffffff
+ /* Sacrifice 8 bits of entropy on 64bit to prevent leaking/
+ * overwriting the canary via string-manipulation functions.
+ * The NULL byte is on the second byte so that off-by-ones can
+ * still be detected. Endianness is taken care of
+ * automatically. */
+ ((char *)&__stack_chk_guard)[1] = 0;
__pthread_self()->canary = __stack_chk_guard;