xesimple xargs and apply replacementLeah Neukirchen11 monthssummary log tree
sqa 7x15 pixel font inspired by Codec and Quadraat Sans MonoLeah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
xdudisplay the output of 'du' in an X windowLeah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
nechominimal, sensible alternatives to echo(1)Leah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
hittpdefficient, no-frills HTTP 1.1 serverLeah Neukirchen16 monthssummary log tree
extracetrace exec() calls system-wideLeah Neukirchen7 monthssummary log tree
xtoolsa few helpers for working with XBPSLeah Neukirchen7 weekssummary log tree
atxecrun command expanding arguments from file or environmentLeah Neukirchen4 yearssummary log tree
triviumTrivium, my minimalist blogging engineLeah Neukirchen2 yearssummary log tree
mewConvenience library for compact Scheme codeLeah Neukirchen4 monthssummary log tree
styleguideVarious style guidesLeah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
snoozerun a command at a particular timeLeah Neukirchen16 monthssummary log tree
adventofcode2017Advent of Code 2017 ( in K and C++Leah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
reaprun process until all its spawned processes are deadLeah Neukirchen14 monthssummary log tree
socklog-voidVoid Linux socklog configurationLeah Neukirchen3 yearssummary log tree
htpingperiodically send HTTP requestsLeah Neukirchen3 yearssummary log tree
rnlremove trailing newlinesLeah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
moara very simple single-file hypertext systemLeah Neukirchen23 monthssummary log tree
adventofcode2015Advent of Code 2015 ( in KLeah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
nqUnix command line queue utilityLeah Neukirchen4 monthssummary log tree
adventofcode2021Advent of Code 2021 ( in BQN and ClojureLeah Neukirchen17 monthssummary log tree
libsteC string library based on string endsLeah Neukirchen2 monthssummary log tree
5x13a condensed pixel font built on 6x13 ('fixed')Leah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
adventofcode2022Advent of Code 2022 ( in Racket and ZigLeah Neukirchen5 monthssummary log tree
rdumpfsa rsync-based dump file system backup toolLeah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
failcrash in various possible waysLeah Neukirchen8 weekssummary log tree
lrepliterate read-eval-printLeah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
runit-voidrunit init scripts for Void LinuxLeah Neukirchen4 yearssummary log tree
ssonS-Expression Standard Object NotationLeah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
hrmpfhrmpf rescue system, built on Void LinuxLeah Neukirchen21 monthssummary log tree
adventofcode2016Advent of Code 2016 ( in K and JLeah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
redo-can implementation of the redo build system in portable C with zero dependenciesLeah Neukirchen2 yearssummary log tree
netpbm-mirrorgit-svn mirror of netpbm (updated manually)Leah Neukirchen2 weekssummary log tree
outilsport of some non-standard OpenBSD tools to LinuxLeah Neukirchen7 monthssummary log tree
mirror/glibcmirror of git:// Neukirchen13 hourssummary log tree
mirror/youtube-dlmirror of Neukirchen7 dayssummary log tree
mirror/muslmirror of git:// Neukirchen12 dayssummary log tree
mirror/zshmirror of git:// Neukirchen8 dayssummary log tree
lrlist files, recursivelyLeah Neukirchen9 monthssummary log tree
git-merge-prapply GitHub pull request from command-lineLeah Neukirchen19 monthssummary log tree
mewixa ports-based reproducible Linux distributionLeah Neukirchen3 yearssummary log tree
wcalISO weekly calendarLeah Neukirchen15 monthssummary log tree
rvnitinit system experimentsLeah Neukirchen14 monthssummary log tree
rddrandom data dumperLeah Neukirchen14 monthssummary log tree
notyeta text-based recursive task trackerLeah Neukirchen4 yearssummary log tree
holesfind runs of zero bytesLeah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
mblazeUnix utilities to deal with MaildirLeah Neukirchen3 monthssummary log tree
bacona small RSpec cloneLeah Neukirchen5 yearssummary log tree
srfi-214Flexvectors for CHICKEN 5Leah Neukirchen6 monthssummary log tree
adventofcode2018Advent of Code 2018 ( in k and RustLeah Neukirchen4 yearssummary log tree