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* support ISO week notation in -d HEAD masterLeah Neukirchen2022-02-191-1/+18
* add usage, wcal takes no arguments v0.1Leah Neukirchen2022-02-131-1/+11
* take ISO year into account when highlighting week numberLeah Neukirchen2021-11-221-12/+18
* add header to week columnLeah Neukirchen2021-11-131-1/+6
* also highlight current week day and current weekLeah Neukirchen2021-01-301-5/+30
* fail on invalid argumentsLeah Neukirchen2021-01-301-0/+1
* rewrite using own date routines using julian datesLeah Neukirchen2020-07-161-61/+90
* interpret current timestamp as local timeLeah Neukirchen2020-07-151-2/+11
* set TZ empty to ensure mktime uses UTCLeah Neukirchen2020-04-291-0/+2
* add -C to force color outputSebastian Wiesner2020-04-111-3/+4
* avoid all kinds of problems by computing in GMT internallyLeah Neukirchen2020-04-111-6/+3
* print year always padded to 4 digitsLeah Neukirchen2020-04-111-2/+1
* compute dst for initial dateLeah Neukirchen2020-04-111-0/+1
* write own -d parser with better defaultsLeah Neukirchen2020-04-031-3/+34
* underline headerLeah Neukirchen2020-03-281-2/+4
* initial commit of wcalLeah Neukirchen2020-03-281-0/+115