This file is part of the source tree for Netpbm.

Netpbm is a toolkit for manipulation of graphic images, including
conversion of images between a variety of different formats.  There
are over 300 separate tools in the package including converters for
about 100 graphics formats.  Examples of the sort of image
manipulation we're talking about are: Shrinking an image by 10%;
Cutting the top half off of an image; Making a mirror image; Creating
a sequence of images that fade from one image to another;

For more information, see <http://netpbm.sourceforge.net>.  Examples of
information there:

  - How to use Netpbm

  - Where to get current Netpbm code

  - What prerequisites there are and how to satisfy them

  - How to get help using Netpbm

  - How to report a bug or suggest an enhancement

  - How to contribute code

The doc/ directory of the source tree contains further documentation, mainly
of use only to someone who already has the source code.  For example:

  - Build and installation instructions

  - Where to get the manual (it's not in the source tree).