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* 33047: use git to simplify massively source distribution file selectionPeter Stephenson2014-08-231-2/+0
* 31959 (plus tweak to .gitignore): make help files during installationMartin Vaeth2013-11-121-1/+1
* Phil Pennock: 25275: use restrictive permissions on cache filesPeter Stephenson2008-07-111-1/+2
* 25276: use autoload -z for zsh-autoload functionsPeter Stephenson2008-07-111-1/+1
* Improved the comments to no longer suggest that setting PATH here isWayne Davison2003-09-101-12/+23
* update; in particular enable new style completion from ex. startup file (14283)Oliver Kiddle2001-05-091-35/+72
* Discourage use of sample startup files as /etc/z*.Bart Schaefer2001-03-253-0/+9
* Initial revisionTanaka Akira1999-04-154-0/+162