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* 32031 plus missed _run_help: get helpfiles install path corect in functionsPeter Stephenson2013-11-231-1/+1
* 31959 (plus tweak to .gitignore): make help files during installationMartin Vaeth2013-11-121-2/+6
* 31474: create patchlevel.h correctly when using a separate build treeBarton E. Schaefer2013-06-131-1/+1
* 31246: make a separate patch level header for releasesPeter Stephenson2013-04-091-0/+1
* 26699: dependencies for config.modulesPeter Stephenson2009-03-141-3/+4
* 4.3.5zsh-4.3.5Peter Stephenson2008-02-011-1/+0
* 24506: make ZSH_VERSIONSUFFIX propagate to somewhere useful.Clint Adams2008-02-011-0/+1
* 22721: add pdf target to top Makefile.inAndrey Borzenkov2006-09-161-1/+1
* 22573: rm -rf autom4te.cache on distcleanPeter Stephenson2006-07-031-0/+1
* 22360, 22365: support version 2 of YodlPeter Stephenson2006-03-201-0/+1
* 21500: Add script and function as framework for new user stuff.Peter Stephenson2005-07-201-0/+2
* Added back the stamp-h idiom which allows us to know when config.hWayne Davison2004-03-031-1/+5
* 19420: Update configure.ac for better Autconf 2.50 support.Peter Stephenson2004-02-141-6/+4
* 19338 etc.: remove support for autoconf before 2.50Peter Stephenson2004-01-081-2/+2
* Peter Breitenlohner: Minor tweaks to some make targets.Bart Schaefer2001-08-121-0/+3
* unposted; based on 14679 (me) and 14693 (Bart): Allow processing by bothAndrey Borzenkov2001-06-061-2/+2
* 14401: workaround for script execution under CygwinAndrey Borzenkov2001-05-201-3/+3
* 13473: clean config.modules, fix CSH_NULL_GLOB docPeter Stephenson2001-02-141-1/+1
* 13243: fix for make distclean - no more Makefile in Functions and CompletionAndrey Borzenkov2000-12-061-2/+0
* Function installation information now in config.modulesPeter Stephenson2000-11-301-6/+17
* Install functions before man pages to avoid error if yodl isn't installedOliver Kiddle2000-05-151-2/+2
* avoid distcleaning Test twice (10543)Sven Wischnowsky2000-04-061-1/+0
* Make config.h and related dependencies relative to $(sdir).Bart Schaefer2000-04-051-18/+49
* Initial revisionTanaka Akira1999-04-151-0/+124