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@@ -111,7 +111,10 @@ causes many operations to recognise characters as in the current locale.
Older versions of the shell always assumed a character was one byte.
In some places the width of the character will be used; this is transparent
when used for calculations of screen position, but also occurs, for
-example, in calculations of padding width.
+example, in calculations of padding width. Note that MULTIBYTE is
+not automatically set when emulating Bourne- and POSIX-style shells;
+for interative use of these emulations it may be necessary to set
+it by hand.
Zsh has previously been lax about whether it allows octets with the
top bit set to be part of a shell identifier. Older versions of the shell
@@ -153,7 +156,7 @@ has a pattern character in it.
The default maximum function depth (configurable with
--enable-max-function-depth) has been decreased to 1000 from 4096. The
-previous value was observed to be large enough that crashes still occurred
+previous value was observed to be small enough that crashes still occurred
on some fairly common PC configurations. This change is only likely to
affect some highly specialised uses of the shell.