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26055: ensure process substitution is handled before parameter and command
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@@ -74,11 +74,9 @@ were only handled if they appeared as separate command arguments.
(However, the latter two forms caused the current argument to be
terminated and a new one started even if they occurred in the middle of
a string.) Now all three may be followed by other strings, and the
-latter two may also be preceeded by other strings. None may occur inside
-parameter substitutions, or inside parentheses used for grouping of
-patterns, in order to avoid clashes with cases where
-tt(<) or tt(>) were not treated specially in previous versions of the
+latter two may also be preceeded by other strings. Remaining
+limitations on their use (to reduce incompatibilities to a minimum)
+are documented in the zshexpn.1 manual.
In previous versions of the shell it was possible to use index 0 in an
array or string subscript to refer to the same element as index 1 if the