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25415: Make DEBUG_BEFORE_CMD the default.
Reuse ERR_EXIT in DEBUG traps. Clean up trapreturn code.
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@@ -56,6 +56,12 @@ behaviour.) Now it is treated identically to "$@". The same change
applies to expressions with forced splitting such as ${=1+"$@"}, but
otherwise the case where SH_WORD_SPLIT is not set is unaffected.
+Debug traps (`trap ... DEBUG' or the function TRAPDEBUG) now run by default
+before the command to which they refer instead of after. This is almost
+always the right behaviour for the intended purpose of debugging and is
+consistent with recent versions of other shells. The option
+DEBUG_BEFORE_CMD can be unset to revert to the previous behaviour.
In previous versions of the shell it was possible to use index 0 in an
array or string subscript to refer to the same element as index 1 if the
option KSH_ARRAYS was not in effect. This was a limited approximation to