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@@ -10,12 +10,16 @@ ifnzman()
cindex(private parameter, creating)
-item(tt(private) [ {tt(PLUS())|tt(-)}tt(AHUahlprtux) ] \
+item(tt(private) [ {tt(PLUS())|tt(-)}tt(AHUahlmrtux) ] \
[ {tt(PLUS())|tt(-)}tt(EFLRZi) [ var(n) ] ] [ var(name)[tt(=)var(value)] ... ])(
The tt(private) builtin accepts all the same options and arguments as tt(local)
(ifzman(zmanref(zshbuiltins))ifnzman(noderef(Shell Builtin Commands))) except
for the `tt(-)tt(T)' option. Tied parameters may not be made private.
+The `tt(-)tt(p)' option is presently a no-op because the state of
+private parameters cannot reliably be reloaded. This also applies
+to printing private parameters with `tt(typeset -p)'.
If used at the top level (outside a function scope), tt(private) creates a
normal parameter in the same manner as tt(declare) or tt(typeset). A
warning about this is printed if tt(WARN_CREATE_GLOBAL) is set
@@ -75,7 +79,8 @@ itemiz(Within any other function called by the declaring function, the
private parameter does em(NOT) hide other parameters of the same name, so
for example a global parameter of the same name is visible and may be
assigned or unset. This includes calls to anonymous functions, although
-that may also change in the future.)
+that may also change in the future. However, the private name may not be
+created outside the local scope when it was not previously declared.)
itemiz(An exported private remains in the environment of inner scopes but
appears unset for the current shell in those scopes. Generally, exporting
private parameters should be avoided.)
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@@ -632,6 +632,14 @@ In the parameter lists that follow, the mark `<S>' indicates that the
parameter is special. `<Z>' indicates that the parameter does not exist
when the shell initializes in tt(sh) or tt(ksh) emulation mode.
+The parameters `tt(!)', `tt(#)', `tt(*)', `tt(-)', `tt(?)', `tt(@)',
+`tt($)', `tt(ARGC)', `tt(HISTCMD)', `tt(LINENO)', `tt(PPID)',
+`tt(status)', `tt(TTYIDLE)', `tt(zsh_eval_context)',
+`tt(ZSH_EVAL_CONTEXT)', and `tt(ZSH_SUBSHELL)' are read-only and thus
+cannot be restored by the user, so they are not output by
+`tt(typeset -p)'. This also applies to many read-only parameters loaded
+from modules.
The following parameters are automatically set by the shell: