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45583/0005: vcs_info docs: Recommend use of prompt expandos rather than terminal escape sequences.
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@@ -1827,9 +1827,21 @@ If you do use tt(use-simple), please report if it does `the-right-thing[tm]'.
Display the revision number in yellow for tt(bzr) and tt(svn):
example(zstyle ':vcs_info:(svn|bzr):*' \
+ branchformat '%b%%F{yellow}:%r')
+The doubled percent sign is explained in
+ifzman(the bf(Oddities) section)ifnzman(noderef(vcs_info Oddities)).
+Alternatively, one can use the raw colour codes directly:
+example(zstyle ':vcs_info:(svn|bzr):*' \
branchformat '%b%{'${fg[yellow]}'%}:%r')
-If you want colors, make sure you enclose the color codes in tt(%{)var(...)tt(%})
+Normally when a variable is interpolated into a format string, the variable
+needs to be tt(%)-escaped. In this example we skipped that because we assume
+the value of tt(${fg[yellow]}) doesn't contain any tt(%) signs.
+Make sure you enclose the color codes in tt(%{)var(...)tt(%})
if you want to use the string provided by tt(vcs_info) in prompts.
Here is how to print the VCS information as a command (not in a prompt):