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48614: getopts: Calculate OPTIND according to POSIX_BUILTINS
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@@ -982,7 +982,8 @@ vindex(OPTARG, use of)
The first option to be examined may be changed by explicitly assigning
to tt(OPTIND). tt(OPTIND) has an initial value of tt(1), and is
normally set to tt(1) upon entry to a shell function and restored
-upon exit (this is disabled by the tt(POSIX_BUILTINS) option). tt(OPTARG)
+upon exit. (The tt(POSIX_BUILTINS) option disables this, and also changes
+the way the value is calculated to match other shells.) tt(OPTARG)
is not reset and retains its value from the most recent call to
tt(getopts). If either of tt(OPTIND) or tt(OPTARG) is explicitly
unset, it remains unset, and the index or option argument is not
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@@ -2249,7 +2249,8 @@ command found in the path.
Furthermore, the tt(getopts) builtin behaves in a POSIX-compatible
fashion in that the associated variable tt(OPTIND) is not made
-local to functions.
+local to functions, and its value is calculated differently to match
+other shells.
Moreover, the warning and special exit code from
tt([[ -o )var(non_existent_option)tt( ]]) are suppressed.