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45180: clarify doc for POSIX EREs, fix an issue with PCRE when the replacement was empty or generated more than one element
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@@ -4335,7 +4335,7 @@ See also the tt(pager), tt(prompt) and tt(rprompt) styles below.
item(tt(regexp-replace) var(var) var(regexp) var(replace))(
Use regular expressions to perform a global search and replace operation
-on a variable. POSIX extended regular expressions are used,
+on a variable. POSIX extended regular expressions (ERE) are used,
unless the option tt(RE_MATCH_PCRE) has been set, in which case
Perl-compatible regular expressions are used
(this requires the shell to be linked against the tt(pcre)
@@ -4353,6 +4353,9 @@ and arithmetic expressions which will be replaced: in particular, a
reference to tt($MATCH) will be replaced by the text matched by the pattern.
The return status is 0 if at least one match was performed, else 1.
+Note that if using POSIX EREs, the tt(^) or word boundary operators
+(where available) may not work properly.
item(tt(run-help) var(cmd))(