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48767: docs: $SECONDS: Clarify what types may be set
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@@ -845,8 +845,9 @@ will be the value that was assigned plus the number of seconds
since the assignment.
Unlike other special parameters, the type of the tt(SECONDS) parameter can
-be changed using the tt(typeset) command. Only integer and one of the
-floating point types are allowed. For example, `tt(typeset -F SECONDS)'
+be changed using the tt(typeset) command. The type may be changed only
+to one of the floating point types or back to integer. For example,
+`tt(typeset -F SECONDS)'
causes the value to be reported as a floating point number. The
value is available to microsecond accuracy, although the shell may
show more or fewer digits depending on the use of tt(typeset). See