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49307 with doc update: POSIX_TRAPS fix.
With POSIX_TRAPS set, an ignored signal stays ignored when entering a subshell.
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@@ -288,7 +288,9 @@ for each selection until a break or end-of-file is encountered.
item(tt(LPAR()) var(list) tt(RPAR()))(
Execute var(list) in a subshell. Traps set by the tt(trap) builtin
-are reset to their default values while executing var(list).
+are reset to their default values while executing var(list); an
+exception is that ignored signals will continue to be ignored
+if the option tt(POSIXTRAPS) is set.
item(tt({) var(list) tt(}))(
Execute var(list).
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@@ -2330,10 +2330,15 @@ When this option is set, the usual zsh behaviour of executing
traps for tt(EXIT) on exit from shell functions is suppressed.
In that case, manipulating tt(EXIT) traps always alters the global
trap for exiting the shell; the tt(LOCAL_TRAPS) option is
-ignored for the tt(EXIT) trap. Furthermore, a tt(return) statement
-executed in a trap with no argument passes back from the function the
-value from the surrounding context, not from code executed within the
+ignored for the tt(EXIT) trap.
+Also, a tt(return) statement executed in a trap with no argument passes
+back from the function the value from the surrounding context, not from
+code executed within the trap.
+Furthermore, if a trap is set to be ignored, this state persists when
+a subshell is entered. Without the option, the trap would be reset to
+its default state at this point.