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+A module allowing profiling for shell functions.
+cindex(functions, profiling)
+When loaded, the tt(zprof) module makes shell functions be
+profiled. The profiling results can be obtained with the tt(zprof)
+builtin command made available by this module. There is no way to turn 
+profiling off other than unloading this module.
+item(tt(zprof) [ tt(-c) ])(
+Without the tt(-c) option, tt(zprof) lists profiling results to
+standard output. The format is comparable to that of commands like
+At the top there is a summary listing all functions that were called
+at least once. This summary is sorted in decreasing order by the
+amount of time spent in the functions themselves. Each line is
+preceded by the number of the function in this order (which is used in 
+other parts of the list in suffixes of the form
+`tt([)var(num)tt(])'). The second column gives the number of calls
+made to this function. The next three columns list the time in
+milliseconds spent in the function and its descendents, the average
+time in milliseconds spent in the function and its descendents per
+call and the percentage of time spent in all shell functions used in
+this function and its descendents. The following three columns give
+the same information, but counting only the time spent in the function 
+itself. The last column finally shows the name of the function.
+After the summary, detailed information about every function that was
+invoked is listed, sorted in decreasing order by the amount of time
+spent in the functions and their descendents. Each of these entries
+consists of descriptions for the functions that called the function
+described, the function itself, and the functions that were called
+from it. The description for the function itself has the same format
+as in the summary (and shows the same information). The other lines
+don't show the number of the function at the beginning and have their
+function named indented to make it easier to visually distinguish the
+line showing the function described in the section from the
+surrounding lines.
+The information shown for the calling and the called functions is
+almost the same as in the summary, but is always only for the call arc 
+described. For example, for a calling function the column showing the
+total running time lists the time spent in the described function and
+its descendents when it was called from the calling
+function. Likewise, for a called function, this columns lists the
+total time spent in the called function and its descendents when it
+was called from the function described.
+For the calling and the called functions, the column showing the
+number of calls to a function also show the total number of
+invocations made to the called function after a slash.
+As long as the tt(zprof) module is loaded, profiling will be done and
+multiple invocations of the tt(zprof) builtin command will show the
+times and numbers of calls since the module was loaded. With the
+tt(-c) option, the tt(zprof) builtin command will reset its internal
+counters and will not show the listing.