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-texinode(Top)(The Z Shell Guide)((dir))((dir))
-texitop(The Z Shell Guide)
-This Info file documents Zsh, a freely available UNIX command interpreter
-(shell), which of the standard shells most closely resembles the Korn shell
-(ksh), although it is not completely compatible.
-Version version(), last updated date().
-menu(The Z Shell Guide)
-menu(Shell Grammar)
-menu(Command Execution)
-menu(Jobs & Signals)
-menu(Arithmetic Evaluation)
-menu(Conditional Expressions)
-menu(Prompt Expansion)
-menu(Restricted Shell)
-menu(Shell Builtin Commands)
-menu(Zsh Line Editor)
-menu(Programmable Completion)
-menu(Zsh Modules)
- --- Indices ---
-menu(Concept Index)
-menu(Variables Index)
-menu(Options Index)
-menu(Functions Index)
-menu(Editor Functions Index)
-menu(Keystroke Index)
- --- The Detailed Node Listing ---
-menu(Mailing Lists)
-menu(The Zsh FAQ)
-menu(The Zsh Web Page)
-menu(See Also)
-Shell Grammar
-menu(Simple Commands & Pipelines)
-menu(Precommand Modifiers)
-menu(Complex Commands)
-menu(Alternate Forms For Complex Commands)
-menu(Reserved Words)
-menu(History Expansion)
-menu(Process Substitution)
-menu(Parameter Expansion)
-menu(Command Substitution)
-menu(Arithmetic Expansion)
-menu(Brace Expansion)
-menu(Filename Expansion)
-menu(Filename Generation)
-menu(Local Parameters)
-menu(Array Parameters)
-menu(Positional Parameters)
-menu(Parameters Set By The Shell)
-menu(Parameters Used By The Shell)
-menu(Description of Options)
-menu(Single Letter Options)
-Zsh Line Editor
-menu(History Control)
-menu(Modifying Text)
-Programmable Completion
-menu(Command Flags)
-menu(Option Flags)
-menu(Alternative Completion)
-menu(Extended Completion)
-Zsh Modules
-menu(The cap Module)
-menu(The clone Module)
-menu(The comp1 Module)
-menu(The compctl Module)
-menu(The deltochar Module)
-menu(The example Module)
-menu(The files Module)
-menu(The sched Module)
-menu(The stat Module)
-menu(The zle Module)
-texinode(The Z Shell Guide)(Introduction)(Top)(Top)
-chapter(The Z Shell Guide)
-This document has been produced from the texinfo file tt(zsh.texi),
-included in the tt(Doc) sub-directory of the Zsh distribution.
-sect(Producing documentation from zsh.texi)
-The texinfo source may be converted into several formats:
-item(The Info guide)(
-The Info format allows searching for topics, commands, functions, etc.
-from the many Indices. The command `tt(makeinfo zsh.texi)' is used to
-produce the Info documentation.
-item(The printed guide)(
-The command `tt(texi2dvi zsh.texi)' will output tt(zsh.dvi) which can
-then be processed with bf(dvips) and optionally bf(gs) (Ghostscript) to
-produce a nicely formatted printed guide.
-item(The HTML guide)(
-Mark Borges, tt(<mdb@cdc.noaa.gov), maintains an HTML version of this
-guide at tt(http://www.peak.org/zsh/Doc/zsh_toc.html).
-(The HTML version is produced with bf(texi2html), which may be obtained
-from tt(http://wwwcn.cern.ch/dci/texi2html/). The command is
-`tt(texi2html -split_chapter -expandinfo zsh.texi)'.)
-For those who do not have the necessary tools to process texinfo,
-precompiled documentation (PostScript, dvi, info and HTML formats)
-is available from the zsh archive site or its mirrors, in the file
-tt(zsh-doc.tar.gz). (See noderef(Availability) for a list of sites.)