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+texinode(The complete Module)(The compctl Module)(The clone Module)(Zsh Modules)
+sect(The complete Module)
+The tt(compctl) module makes available several builtin commands which
+can be used in user-defined completion widgets, see
+ifnzman(noderef(Completion Widgets))\
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+texinode(The zleparameter Module)()(The zle Module)(Zsh Modules)
+sect(The zleparameter Module)
+cindex(parameters, special)
+The tt(zleparameter) module defines two special parameters that can be 
+used to access internal information of the Zsh Line Editor (see
+ifnzman(noderef(Zsh Line Editor))\
+This array contains the names of the keymaps currently defined.
+This associative array contains one entry per widget defined. The name 
+of the widget is the key and the value gives information about the
+widget. It is either the string `tt(builtin)' for builtin widgets, a
+string of the form `tt(user:)var(name)' for user-defined widgets,
+where var(name) is the name of the shell function implementing the
+widget, or it is a string of the form
+`tt(completion:)var(type)tt(:)var(name)', for completion widgets. In
+the last case var(type) is the name of the builtin widgets the
+completion widget imitates in its behavior and var(name) is the name
+of the shell function implementing the completion widget.