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master51354: Fix markup in man page versionDaniel Shahaf3 days
zsh-5.8-patchesunposted: Release 5.8.1dana12 months
declarednullMerge branch 'typesettounset' into declarednullBart Schaefer22 months
5.9unposted: Move a new incompatibility notice.Daniel Shahaf3 years
job_control_debug2Yet more debug info.Peter Stephenson4 years
job_control_debugYet more debug info.Peter Stephenson4 years
fork_earlyRationalise use of forks and pipes.Peter Stephenson5 years
schaefer/badarraysMerge branch 'master' into schaefer/badarraysBarton E. Schaefer6 years
mikachu/badarraysAdd typeset -C to control whether to assert the cached lengthMikael Magnusson7 years
mikachu/redrawhookAdd match-bracket widget that takes a position and/or parameter to store resu...Mikael Magnusson7 years
zsh-5.9zsh-5.9.tar.gz  zsh-5.9.tar.xz  zsh-5.9.zip  dana9 months
zsh-  zsh-  zsh-  dana9 months
zsh-  zsh-  zsh-  dana10 months
zsh-5.8.1zsh-5.8.1.tar.gz  zsh-5.8.1.tar.xz  zsh-5.8.1.zip  dana12 months
zsh-5.8zsh-5.8.tar.gz  zsh-5.8.tar.xz  zsh-5.8.zip  dana3 years
zsh-5.7.1-test-3zsh-5.7.1-test-3.tar.gz  zsh-5.7.1-test-3.tar.xz  zsh-5.7.1-test-3.zip  dana3 years
zsh-5.7.1-test-2zsh-5.7.1-test-2.tar.gz  zsh-5.7.1-test-2.tar.xz  zsh-5.7.1-test-2.zip  dana3 years
zsh-5.7.1-test-1zsh-5.7.1-test-1.tar.gz  zsh-5.7.1-test-1.tar.xz  zsh-5.7.1-test-1.zip  dana3 years
zsh-5.7.1zsh-5.7.1.tar.gz  zsh-5.7.1.tar.xz  zsh-5.7.1.zip  dana4 years
zsh-5.7zsh-5.7.tar.gz  zsh-5.7.tar.xz  zsh-5.7.zip  dana4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-08-24unposted: 5.0.5-dev-3 zsh-5.0.5-dev-3Peter Stephenson2-2/+6
2014-08-24un-transpose help text for git merge -{-no,}-verifyBarton E. Schaefer2-2/+7
2014-08-2333047: use git to simplify massively source distribution file selectionPeter Stephenson70-1193/+63
2014-08-23Fix mergePeter Stephenson4-1/+48
2014-08-23unposted: .gitignore generated FAQ*.html filesPeter Stephenson2-0/+5
2014-08-2333046: new completion for "chsh"Barton E. Schaefer4-1/+48
2014-08-22Merge branch 'master' of git://git.code.sf.net/p/zsh/codeBarton E. Schaefer2-2/+7
2014-08-2233042: $? and $pipestatus report 128+signal number for stopped jobsBarton E. Schaefer3-5/+22
2014-08-2133038: Fix {^@..a} hangingMikael Magnusson2-2/+7
2014-08-20Update .distfiles for _dockerBarton E. Schaefer2-2/+3