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* fix regression that made shared libs crash on armRich Felker2013-02-032-0/+4
* add support for ctors/dtors on arm with modern gccRich Felker2012-12-072-4/+40
* add missing startfiles for powerpcRich Felker2012-11-232-0/+28
* PPC port cleaned up, static linking works well now.rofl0r2012-11-132-27/+26
* import preliminary ppc work by rdp.Richard Pennington2012-11-131-0/+27
* microblaze portRich Felker2012-09-293-0/+38
* crt1 must align stack pointer on mipsRich Felker2012-08-171-0/+1
* align mips _init/_fini functionsRich Felker2012-08-051-0/+2
* initial version of mips (o32) port, based on work by Richard Pennington (rdp)Rich Felker2012-07-113-0/+53
* fix arm crti/crtn codeRich Felker2012-06-252-0/+4
* remove some junk from x86_64 start filesRich Felker2012-05-022-4/+0
* PIE support for x86_64 (untested)Rich Felker2012-05-021-0/+18
* consistency cleanup: removed redundant size suffixed from i386 asmRich Felker2012-05-022-22/+22
* PIE support for i386Rich Felker2012-05-022-0/+24
* remove attempts to be pie-compatible from i386 crt1.sRich Felker2012-05-021-6/+3
* add support for init/finit (constructors and destructors)Rich Felker2012-02-069-7/+56
* initial commit of the arm portRich Felker2011-09-181-0/+13
* cleanup comment cruft in startup codeRich Felker2011-02-211-1/+0
* make startup code PIE-compatibleRich Felker2011-02-211-2/+4
* shave off 2 bytes from crt1.o _startRich Felker2011-02-201-2/+2
* Port musl to x86-64. One giant commit!Nicholas J. Kain2011-02-151-0/+16
* initial check-in, version 0.5.0 v0.5.0Rich Felker2011-02-124-0/+17