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mblaze-profileconfiguration of the mblaze message system

The mblaze(7) message system can be configured with a profile file, which is located in the directory ~/.mblaze (or MBLAZE if set.)

profile consists of lines, similar to RFC 2822 headers, in the form

key: value

The key ‘#’ may be used to precede a comment:

#: comment

Please note that empty lines will halt parsing.

The following keys are used by mblaze(7):

Your primary mail address, used as the default value for From: in mcom(1), and in mscan(1) to recognize messages sent to you.
A comma-separated list of mail addresses that also belong to you, for mscan(1) to recognize messages sent by or directly to you.
The fully qualified domain name used for Message-Id: generation in mgenmid(1).
If set, mcom(1) will create draft messages in this maildir, and save messages there after sending.
A comma-separated list of display name and mail address pairs, formatted like this:
Primary Name <myname1@domain1>, Name v.2 <myname2@domain2>, "Name, My Third" <myname3@domain3>, ...
The first of these that appears in the To:, Cc:, or Bcc: header will be used as the From: address in a reply. If not set, Alternate-Mailboxes: will be used as a default.
The default format string for mscan(1).
The program that mcom(1) will call to send mail. (Default: ‘sendmail’).
Flags to be passed to the Sendmail: program. (Default: ‘-t’).

Directory containing mblaze configuration files. (Default: $HOME/.mblaze)

Leah Neukirchen <leah@vuxu.org>

mblaze is in the public domain.

To the extent possible under law, the creator of this work has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.


June 18, 2021 Void Linux