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git-merge-pr: apply GitHub pull requests from command-line


git merge-pr [PRNUM][@REMOTE] [GIT-AM FLAGS...]

git merge-pr will fetch the patch corresponding to pull request number PRNUM of REMOTE repository (defaults to your upstream) and applies it on top of the current tree, rewriting the commit message of the newest patch to close the pull request upon push (can be disabled by setting merge-pr.autoclose to false).

Without PRNUM, all open pull requests of REMOTE will be listed.

Useful git am flags:

  • --signoff
  • --3way
  • --interactive

Why rebasing pull requests is preferable to merging them

  • Keeps a linear history without merge bubbles.
  • Properly keeps author and committer name as well as author and commit date.
  • Conflicts can easily be dealt with in an ad-hoc fashion.
  • Interactive mode allows for on-the-fly cherry picking.


  • Git 2.8.0 or newer
  • wget
  • jq (only for listing pull requests)

git-merge-pr is in the public domain.

To the extent possible under law, Leah Neukirchen leah@vuxu.org has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.